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Rockin’ Ro*Tel Pollo Poppers

All the delicious flavors of a chicken taco in a poppable appetizer cup. Ole'!

by Jannine from MA
Tasty Tostadas: Ro*Tel Style

Crispy Chicken Tostadas a kick!

by Molly from OH
Hearty Hot & Smoky Southwestern Chicken Soup

This hearty soup is chock full of chicken, pasta and of course, the zest and spice of Ro*tel!

by Laurie from MA

blending 2 of my favorite dishes

by Bob from GA
Saturday Morning Casserole

A zesty casserole great for breakfast or brunch.

by Sheila from GA
Bacon Wrapped Turkey Tenderloin

The Rotel sauce is the kicker for this dish

by Joni Elaine from AL
That’s Nacho Pizza!! (Chicken & Black Bean Nacho

A delicious pizza topped with everyone’s favorite nacho toppings – make it as spicy as you prefe

by Kathi from NY

Flour tortillas replace pasta to create a delicious Mexican-style lasagna!

by Kathi from NY
Curried Eggs

Easy to make Curried Eggs for Brunch or Meatless Dinner

by Carolyn from CA
Mexican Lasagna

This is a quick and easy Mexican dish to make that is great for a family dinner.

by Alexis from GA
Mexican Cheeseball

cheese spread snack using mexican rotel

by Paige from MS
Homemade Rotel Tortillas

Tortillas with a Rotel Twist

by Gina from GA
Sweetly Pico de Gallo

Traditional appetiser and condiment with a slightly sweet taste that keeps you coming back.

by Jack from TX

Turkey burgers stuffed with artichokes and topped with melted swiss cheese and a spicy Ro*Tel jam

by Lisa from CA
Coconut Ro*Tel Sauce with Shrimp

The taste of Thai w/the complimentary flavor of Ro*Tel. Jasmine rice never had it so good!

by Peggy from AL
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