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Mini Chili Chocolate Cupcakes with Margarita Butte

A spicy lil' chocolate cupcake with the creamiest Margartia Buttercream Frosting - Oh MY!

by Merry from CA
Wagon Wheel Fiesta Bake

What better way for RO*TEL to travel across America than on a wagon! (...wheels, that is.)

by Katie from KS

Spicy 'n Sweet 4-Layer Tortilla Pie

by Angela from NC
Tex~Mex Tortilla Lasagna

Tortilla Lasagna? Thats right. Delicious Tex Mex ingredients layered between fresh tortillas and bak

by Robert from NY
Spicy Garden Tortellini

Fresh vegetables and pasta with a spicy twist

by Jennifer from IA

Shrimp heated with RoTel and served over vegetables on a large Hoagie Roll

by Ronnie from TX
Best Taco Soup!!

A yummy soup our families enjoys way too often!! It's super easy, and SO yummy!

by Jamie from AZ
Spicy Ricey Cheese & Broccoli Casse-RO*TEL

Not just another broccoli and cheese casserole. This casserole has so much flavor!

by Angela from NC

Great side dish for enchiladas or other Mexican dish

by Karen from VA
Spicy Summer Pasta

Pasta Salad with Rotel, Pepper Jack Cheese and veggies

by Jamie from CO
Coconut Shrimp with RoTel Sweet and Spicy Chutney

Coconut battered fried shrimp party appetizer with an addictive exotic sweet and spicy sauce

by David from LA
Chicken ala Clark with Crusty Cornbread Salad

Doubleheader - baked chicken breasts with crusty, spicy cornbread salad

by Richard from CT
Fired Up Bar-B-Q Moppin & Dippin Sauce

Sauce that puts Tex-Mex into your barbecuing!

by Barbara from MO


by Meredith from CA

This Sweet and Spicy Appetizer is Great for Any Occasion. This dish has both texture and flavor!

by Angela from NC
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