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Tex Mex Fiesta Chicken Sliders

The concept of a slider is a small taste of a wonderful dish. These Tex Mex sliders fit the bill .

by Donna-Marie from MA

Leftovers never tasted so good! The ham salad gets a twist with this jazzed up version using RO*TEL.

by Mike from VA

Sauteed Shrimp over Penne

by Kathy from FL
Smoky Cajun Turkey Wontons w/ Ro*Tel Beer Glaze

Double Ro*Tel Duty! Steamed w/ Andouille & Smoked Gouda

by Emil from AL
RO*TEL roll-ups

hot, spicy roll-ups--the quick, perfect appetizer!

by alaine from LA

A recipe so sexy and versatile you might want to keep it to yourself!

by alaine from LA
Hint of the Border Succotash

Zingy vegetable medly

by Karen from KS
Mexican Pork Chops

spicy Tex-Mex style pork chops

by DeAna from NC

Cheesy Grits with Rotel and Sausage

by Lisa from AL
Savory Breakfast Pastry

Savory breakfast pastry filled with Canadian bacon, eggs, cheeses and a variety of veggies.

by Mags from IN
Lentil and vegetable Soup

A satisfying soup with vegetables and lentils that will leave you wanting more

by Claire from MS
Fiery Roasted Southern Stuffed Rellanos

Roasted Poblano peppers stuffed with a spicy cheese grits

by Karen from CO
Mexican Bean Casserole

One dish meal with mexican flavors and the comfort of cornbread

by Claire from MS

This is a simple recipe that I received from my friend Dolly King. It's one of those dishes that I m

by Stacy from AL

One of our family's most loved recipes

by Stacy from AL
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