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This is a great vegetarian dish that combines vegetables with the great flavors of Rotel.

by Stefanie from NV

fried pizzas

by Tina from LA
Three Sisters White Chili

In the Southwestern US, corn, squash, and beans are known in Indian Country as

by Karen from NC

Toasty brushetta with a Rotel kick

by Karen from KS
Twist-Swiss Steak

Easy crockpot meal. Swiss steak with a little twist.

by JoLynn from IL
Nacho Ordinary Potato Casserole

Yummy potato casserole with a Rotel Cheese Dip twist!

by Harriet from TN
Fiesta Chicken Enchiladas

Creamy chicken enchiladas with a bit of a kick!

by Arena from TX

Spicy, chunk dip full of protein and flavor

by Kerry from GA

Creamy thick soup

by Pamela from MS
Grilled Chicken Bacon Chile Rellenos

Stuffed poblano chile peppers sure to make your mouth water!

by Jenifer from FL

Why buy canned chili when homemade is this easy!

by Robin from TN
Triple layer Quesadilla with a kick

Layers of cheesy, meaty kicking fun

by Alethea from KY
Ratatouille Wraps

Healthy sandwich with vegetables and whole grain wrap bread.

by Lesley from MA
Macho Nachos

A tasty appetizer or main dish.

by jeanie from SC
Spicy Hominy Chile

This spicy RoTel chile is sure to raise your blood temperature!

by Jennifer from UT
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