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Tex-Mex Potato Cheese Soup

Creamy ptoato cheese soup gets a kick with Ro*Tel Tomaotes!

by Kelly from TX
Veggie Rotel Burritos

Burritos stuffed with Veggies

by Pam from CA

Moist, flavorful and delicious cornbread

by Kim from GA

Kid Friendly Chili (the reason for

by Julie from OH

Yummy, Inexpensive, and Versatile!

by Sarah from MS

Spicy Pimento Cheese

by Todd from KY
Three Cheese Chicken Enchiladas

A quick & easy enchilada recipe with feta, cheddar and jack cheeses in a creamy (no can) sauce.

by Lori from CA
Spicy Avacado Quiche

Cheesy avacado quiche kicked up with original rotel and topped with a creamy spiced ranch!

by Amy from IL

Easy No BeanTaco Soup

by Terri from OH

Thick, hearty soup with just a little kick

by Penny from MO

Chili & Chips

by Linda from IL

Meaty Queso dip that has a zip to it.. This is a Christmas eve Tradition at our house..

by Shannon from TX

chicken, cheese sauce, spaghetti

by Elizabeth from TX

Mexican style lasagna with tortillas, chicken and cheese

by Elizabeth from TX

Classic meatloaf meets spice

by Elizabeth from TX
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